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The Uncharted Leader

May 29, 2022

Aunty Munya Andrews and Carla Rogers, Co-Directors of Evolve Communities share a vision and values of a kinder, more inclusive Australia. Despite growing up socially disadvantaged in remote Western Australia, Aunty Munya has obtained degrees in anthropology and law and is an accomplished author, educator and sought after speaker.

Ally Carla Rogers is an award-winning program designer, facilitator and community engagement specialist. Despite being non-Indigenous, she grew up with a strong connection to Country and longing to get closer to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and culture.

Together they bring a wealth of wisdom, lived experience, authentic cultural knowledge and successful black and white partnership on practical reconciliation, allyship and strengthening relationships, belonging and connection for all Australians.

Join me on The Uncharted Leader and discover what leaders can learn from Indigenous Wisdom. 

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